Double Helix™ Coils

Automated Manufacturing
Double-Helix™ technology was designed to be manufactured on automated CNC equipment. Wires or cables are contained in precisely machined grooves. Insertion of wire/cable and coil layering can also be automated for low cost manufaturing.

Conductor Stabilization
Grooves are used to embed the superconductor securely into a substrate structure. Conductor stabilization is key to preventing a quench condition..

Multi-pole WIndings
Coils of any pole order can be created using a continuous conductor as opposed to discrete pole windings. A continuous, no-splice conductor leads to higher reliability and consistency from pole to pole.

Persistent Mode Operation
Using Double-Helix™ windings a complete, multi-pole rotor can be wound with few or no splices. The absence of splices allows the coils to operate in persistent mode, meaning that once a current is established in a coil, that current will not decay as long as the coil is superconducting. This mode allows the rotor to operate without the need for a large power supply otherwise required to maintain drive currents.

No Harmonics/Ripple
Since the poles for a Double-Helix™ coil are generated from a single, precise an continuous winding, the presence of harmonics or “false poles” are virtually eliminated. The result is more efficient power generation and less vibration.

Sinusoidal Field Distribution
Unlike coils fashioned with discrete poles, the pole to pole transition for a Double-Helix™ coil is perfectly sinusoidal. This feature translates to smooth, rotational motion at high efficiency.

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Comparative Cost of Energy

Did you know?
The rotor coil conducts a current of over 5,000 Amps over a cable with the diameter of a pencil…